Reusable or Single-use (Disposable) Period Care - what's right for you?

How many times have you heard about or seen all the various period products? What are the differences and more importantly, how do you use them? Here is a simple overview of all the different period products, including reusable or single-use period products explained.


Single-use Period Products

These products are the most popular period products. They are used just once and for a short time (about 4-6 hours), before you throw it away or compost it (never flush any period products whatever they are made of). The reality is that today the majority of single-use period products are made of plastic. Mondays' products are made with organic cotton and the brand is 100% plastic free. As a result they are more gentle on your skin as well as being kinder to the planet. So make an informed choice that is better for you and the planet.

Reusable Period Products

These products are being talked about more and more. They are a great choice in terms of sustainability as they are washed and re-used time and time again. Though the initial cost can seem expensive, you will have your period for about 35 years and re-usable products are used for 5+ years.

So what should you use?

Above all else, there are no rules. It will take time to find what you are comfortable with. You might prefer one product, or a combination, on the other hand, your preferences could change with time. With so much choice it can be confusing to start with. We would recommend you ask your mum, big sister, or girlfriend, who has her period already. Ask lots of questions and when you make your decision do think about the environmental impact because you will have a lot of periods and you can have a positive impact!


  • Talk to your mum, doctor and friends about the different products - ask them why and when they use their favourite products. Have they tried anything else

  • Try out different products and brands - not all products are for every period or every day of your period - you can mix and match! 

  • Remember what suits you might not suit someone else

  • If something does not work for you, perhaps it will in the future...

Mondays, a great way to start... your plastic free periods.