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"I recommend that my patients switch to plastic-free organic cotton period products, like Mondays, for their gynaecological health and the health of the planet too."

Dr Annabelle Faure Van Rossum Gynacologist and Obstrecian, FMH

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We have periods every month for 35 years, which means we will use period products for 7 years straight! That's why we've created a range of natural products for a healthier period.

Environmental Impact

Menstrual products are the 5th most commonly found single-use plastic on European beaches. Mondays is plastic-free (including packaging) make the switch and you'll save 25 single-use plastics every single month. Healthier for you and the planet!


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Great customer service - great products."

JANET, July 2023

Great service, really helpful and efficient. The dispenser works well.. as well ."

- ET, June 2023

I couldn't love Organic Mondays more!"

- MARIA, March 2023