Hi, we're Nancy & Elisabeth

We founded Mondays to make periods easier, healthier and better

We believe

Plastic free periods are a game changer

for our health and the health of the planet too

We're committed to

Making period products accessible

wherever & whenever they're needed

Period Dignity

Period products are an essential just like toilet paper

Menstrual health has long been an under-the-radar topic – characterised by mystery, confusion, shame,
lack of information and one-size-fits-all solutions.

50% of the worlds population have periods that makes them a natural biological fact.

Periods shouldn't hold anyone back.

Our mission

We believe that helping women to understand and care for their bodies better, wherever they’re at in life, changes lives for the better.


I started my period at 15

"It wasn't until I was having my first baby that I learnt from my midwife that period products were not just wrapped in plastic but they contained plastic too. She explained that they were not healthy to use after the birth of my child. For me, it was a light-bulb moment."


I started my period at 13

"Only years later, when Nancy told me about plastics in period products, I made the switch myself to organic products. As my daughters started puberty I wanted to introduce them to organic and healthy period products, to give them the best start in their journey to womenhood."

plastic free period products

Purpose is in our blood

We founded Mondays with the core belief that plastics don't belong in period products. It matters. For you and the planet. Join us and together we'll make change happen.

A brand we stand behind & you can trust

Our values


You purchase, we donate. We're committed to the future of our planet. That's why 1% of Mondays' sales go to environmental and social causes.


What's inside matters. You need to trust the products you use will work and are healthy. That's why we're transparent about the ingredients, which most big brands are not.


Periods shouldn't hold anyone back which is why we're working hard to make sure period products are available whenever and wherever they're needed.

To perform at her best she needs to be empowered to care for her natural needs with confidence, free from shame.

Nancy, Co-founder

Mondays blends the desire of modern women to save time in their busy lives and yet still shop responsibly.

Elisabeth, Co-founder

With Mondays, we have a solution that supports women and girls wherever they are in life, and protects our planet.

Laura, Advisory Boardmember

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