Plastic-free Period Products

Delivered to your door. Better for you and the planet.

Pad Kit

Try a selection of Mondays' pads, we know you'll love them.


Feel the difference! No chemicals, no pesticides, no bleach. Our pads are made with 100% organic cotton upper core, an inner core of FSC registered pulp for extra absorbancy and wings for a secure hold. Soft, comfortable and reliable. 

12 Teal pads (absorbency 3 drops)
8 Pink pads (absorbency 4 drops)
£12.50 + Free delivery

Tampon Kit

A Mondays' Box full of 100% organic cotton tampons.

Tampons made of nothing but organic cotton, with cardboard applicators and individually wrapped in paper. Your periods are not only better for the planet but are also better for you. (Give them a little twist for super smooth insertion.)
12 Regular tampons (absorbency 2 drops)
10 Super tampons (absorbency 3 drops)
£12.25 + Free delivery

Panty Liner Kit

Get a box full of Mondays most popular product!

Crazy about panty liners?  We are too! 100% organic cotton and individually wrapped in compostable Mater-Bi®, they couldn't be more discreet.

Everyday wear for every woman...

72 Organic cotton panty liners (absorbency 1 drop)
£15.50 + Free delivery

Menarche Kit

A first period kit, every girl deserves to be prepared, especially for the first time.

A first period kit full of the essential period products (organic cotton and plastic free of course). A lovely purse, made to discreetly hold a few products for 'on-the-go'. As well as product and period facts, the leaflet has a handy period tracker and a special discount code.

An opportunity to open the conversation and give the gift of confidence.

10 Teal pads (absorbency 3 drops)
5 Pink pads (absorbency 4 drops)
12 Panty Liners (absorbency 1 drop)
3 Tampons (absorbency 2 drops)
1 Menarche leaflet
1 Period tracker
1 Organic cotton purse
Kit available in 2 languages, select your language:
£27.00 + Free delivery