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Plastic free, organic cotton period products, NO dyes, bleach or chemicals. Better for you and the planet.

Menarche Kit

A first period kit, every girl deserves to be prepared, especially for the first time.


An opportunity to open the conversation and give the gift of confidence.

10 Teal pads (absorbency 3 drops)
5 Pink pads (absorbency 4 drops)
12 Panty Liners (absorbency 1 drop)
3 Tampons (absorbency 2 drops)
1 Menarche leaflet
1 Period tracker
1 Organic cotton purse
Kit available in 2 languages, select your language:
£27.00 + Free delivery

Panty Liner Kit

Get a box full of Mondays most popular product!

Crazy about panty liners?  We are too!  Everyday wear for every woman...
72 Organic cotton panty liners (absorbency 1 drop)
£15.50 + Free delivery

Pad Kit

Try a selection of Mondays' pads, we know you'll love them.


Feel the difference!

12 Teal pads (absorbency 3 drops)
8 Pink pads (absorbency 4 drops)
£12.50 + Free delivery

Tampon Kit

A Mondays' Box full of 100% organic cotton tampons.

Our applicators are made of cardboard, give them a little twist for super smooth insertion...
12 Regular tampons (absorbency 2 drops)
10 Super tampons (absorbency 3 drops)
£12.25 + Free delivery